[Infographic] 5 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Meal

how to make the perfect meal

You can make hundreds of healthy meal combinations.

Everyone knows…proteins, carbs, and fats. Macros, right? You have to get them in.

But, how do you take your basic macros and make sure they don’t taste basic too? To make the perfect meal, every time you need to:

  • Switch up ingredients
  • Experiment with different flavors
  • Cook food with various methods

For real. You need this in your life.

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At MISPIBO, it’s my mission to help clients develop healthy eating habits for life. That looks like:

  • Eating fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible.
  • Including a balance of protein, veggies, smart carbs, healthy fats.
  • Adjusting portions to meet health and body composition goals.

Sounds good right? Too good? I hope not. A lot of people know this is the way you are supposed to eat. The problem: making healthy food in a way that is easy and tastes great.

That’s where this FREE infographic comes in.

I’ve been eating this way for years and teaching my clients how to do it too.

And now it’s your turn.

The Perfect Meal cheat sheet.

This guide accomplished three key things:

  1. Amazing meals
  2. Maximum flavor
  3. Minimal effort

If you follow the instructions on this infographic, you can mix and match ingredients and flavors to discover and endless amount of easy, awesome, healthy meals.

Note: This guide might break your current diet – forever.

Download the infographic to your desktop, tablet, or phone and save it. Or print it out and keep it in your kitchen. You can even bring it along on your next grocery shopping trip.

And be sure to share it with your friends.


how to make the perfect meal


Again, the key is to have this PDF downloaded and available before the next time you need to either shop or cook a healthy meal.

Learn more healthy-eating strategies.

In MISPIBO Nutrition Coaching, I give men and women the strategies (and support) they need to help them reach health and fitness goals that have eluded them for years.

Over the course of one year, they learn nutrition and exercise habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I know the world of nutrition and fitness is overloaded with information. But it doesn’t have to be confusing. After you get personalized attention from a knowledgeable coach, your will find your path to energy, strength, and health.

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