How to be the Best Personal Training Client


“How much do you charge?”, used to be the most dreaded way to start a conversation with me.

Yet, it’s an introduction I’m very familiar with. It’s how the majority of clients begin communicating with me.

They want the best price.

“All-or Nothing” Thinking Is Keeping You Stuck

“What you resist persists.”


That’s a sutra or expression that I’ve been familiar with over the past four years. Before becoming a mindfulness coach, helping schools manage stress to improve performance, I was only a practitioner.

For years,

Why Focusing on “Weight” Loss is Misleading You

hand with tape measurer

If you are like most American adults, you will easily be able to imagine this scenario:

You are leaving work after another long, grueling day. Either your kids are hungry or your dog has to be let out. And it’s dinner time. Because no one is going to make dinner for you,

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