Hesitation Is Hard On Your Health

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Starting can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have 365 days in a year. A few of them are very popular for starting like:

  • Mondays,
  • The first of month, and
  • Birthdays.

But what makes New Year so unique? Birthday and anniversaries also come around only once per year too.

Some people able to pick any one, of 53 Mondays, or one of 12 monthly beginnings and create a new habit. While others will pause and falter, hesitating before they even begin.

The big idea of this post is hesitation is hard on your health, but there’s another quality that’s worst.

I believe there is a limiting mindsets that block us from success. If we know the behaviors of successful people, we can reverse-engineer working our way backwards to create a plan for our own success.

I’m going to share with you one strategy of success, the secret sauce, of top performers. You can use this mindset shift in the gym, the office, and in your social life too.

Before we get into it, I created two guides (one for men and one for women) to help you start on your journey to be healthier and more fit.

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The Suspect Salesman

My first job after college was in Chicago, enrolling students into college. I took the train to work every day, wore a tie to work, and had my own cubicle. It was just like “they” said it would be.

But there was one thing: I was (am) selling online education.  I only lasted for a few months before I quit. What happened?

It was all too suspect. No, I wasn’t guilty of a crime. What I was doing was perfectly legal, just not popular in the early 2000s. After 17 years of primary education and graduating from a top tier university in the Midwest, I didn’t know if I could rely trust the script I was trained use when enrolling people into the program.

I was hesitating to pick up the phone call my next lead, which ultimately led to my decision to quit.

The Top Performer

In 2016, there was a study of more than 1,000 sales people including managers that looked at what characteristics made the top performers. Top performers were considered to be salespeople who were at 125% of the assigned quota. Only 15% of the participants in the study met that criteria.

The most exciting part of the study is how they described themselves compared with lower-performing salespeople (hit less than 75% of their quota).

When given the same list of twenty choices, the most common answers for those under 75% of their quota were:

  • confident,
  • empathetic,
  • likable,
  • responsible,
  • smart,
  • and humble.

The answers for top sales professionals over 125% of their quota were:

  • confident,
  • likable,
  • productive,
  • responsible,
  • quick-witted,
  • and x-factor (a combination of all the traits listed)

To make it more transparent, look at this chart:

qualities of top performers

Three out of six top qualities matched. The two definitive characteristics that top performers self-reported: quick-witted and productive. Or showing an ability to think or respond quickly or effectively.

To me, this shows that all sales professionals have similar levels of integrity and pride in their work. However, top sales professionals have a different level of certainty that yields better results.

Remember my lack of certainty? I was uncertain because I didn’t believe in what I was selling. There was no way I could be good at that job.

Secret Sauce: Speed of Implementation

“A special feature or technique kept secret by an organization and regarded as being the chief factor in its success,” is known the “secret sauce.”

I’d argue the secret sauce of success is “speed of implementation.” It basically means how quickly you adapt to change effects your rate of success. Remember, top salespeople, are “quick-witted” and (I believe, therefore) “productive.”

Let’s be real – this is more than tough.

Most people spend a lot of time creating an idea that they believe works for them and the life they lead. These are our mindsets. This can be hiring a personal trainer to lose weight, getting your MBA to get a raise at work, or something as simple as the coffee shop you frequent to work remotely.

When something comes up, we rarely think  “I need to change” first. Even more rare, are people who are able to make the adjustment. These are the leaders. The top 15% of salespeople. I’d bet you’ll find this across the board in all professionals and professions, or declarations like New Year resolutions.

Our “let’s wait and see what happens” attitude is more natural. This attribute is worst than hesitation: it’s indecision. While fundamentally the same, it’s inherently different from hesitation.

Hesitation is a pause before saying or doing something. Whereas indecision is the inability to make a decision quickly. If you are indecisive, you know what you could do, you just don’t.


The Difference Between Hesitation and Decision

Before I go further, I have to point out that the two attributes have one thing in common: choice.

Hesitation is more of a gut reaction, while indecision is a mental activity.

We are conscious of both, as choices, but when you hesitate you’re not ready to weigh your options, so you can’t take action. On the other hand, indecision is lacking the ability to exercise a course of action, usually because something seems foreign or unfamiliar.

To see this in real life, you have to look no further than your commute to from work today.

Who’s worst: the timid or aggressive drive?

Think about it: most car accidents happen because someone is indecisive. Most accidents statistically occur:

  1. When people are driving close to home
  2. Between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM (not at night)
  3. On roads less traveled

You find yourself taking a different route home because of construction one day after work. You know the area because you are about 5 miles away from home. Someone is being an asshole blowing their horn behind you. But you are in traffic because of the detour.

What do you do?  Make quick right and get off the main road…or….BAM!

While your thoughts were competing, the drive behind decided to zoom past you right before you chose your course of action.

A hesitant person would have done nothing.

That’s why I think indecision is worst. It’s when you know what you could do. And sometimes even what you should do, but you are worried about making the wrong choice, so you end up doing nothing or getting exactly what you feared.

The difference:

  • Hesitation is a state of doubt and uncertainty which results in halting. It involves pausing saying or doing something like inquiring about personal training or buy a set of knives.
  • Indecision is a moment of hesitance, not a state. It’s wavering between one thing or the other. The individual is only concerned with making the right decision.

Hesitation Is Hard On Your Health

Hesitation leads you nowhere. That’s why it’s bad for your health.

Knowledge alone isn’t power. The application of knowledge is what’s important. And it’s hard but necessary.

To be honest, it’s been hard on my business too.

I recently began to reimplement free consultations. Yes, I give 100% free consultations for first time clients. Even though I know this process very well. I was not implementing it until about last week.

Back in the winter of 2008, I was a bad salesperson closing only 37% of my leads for small packages of four to 12 sessions. After investing in a $500 PowerPoint present, I found my closing rate jump up to 81% while my hourly rate increased by 50%.

What happened?

Someone presented a better way of doing something. I didn’t know it was going to work, but if it worked for someone else I had to believe it could work for me. After I was presented with a better way of doing things, I made my choice.

Adapt or die.

When I made the switch to focus on nutrition coaching in 2013 I found myself in unfamiliar territory – online personal training or coaching. After enrolling in Jonathan Goodman’s Online Trainer Academy to become a certified Online Personal Trainer, it became clear to me: I was being fancy.

After thinking about consultations slightly different (online instead of in-person), my business is starting off 2018 on the right foot. If you are interested in my next coaching group, you can sign up for my April presale list and get 45% off – click here.


That brings me to your health. Specifically your lack of decisions to get healthy or fit.

It might sound harsh, but after 20 phone consultation last week, two with people over 350 pounds, I have to speak bluntly. I don’t have time to waste and money is NEVER and issue.

The Cure for Indecision Is Not More Information

If you’re hesitating, ask yourself , “What I am scared of?” “What do I have to lose?”

In my case, I was scared online education was not as good as a college or university.

Now, 15 years later, pursuing a degree online is a great option of people who are going back to school but are not interested in the reason most people pick their school: campus life.

The funny thing, ALL of my health and fitness certifications (except one, in mindfulness – you kind of have to be present for those) have been through online education!

If you are indecisive, you do NOT need more information. You need more experience.

With the New Year (and certain holidays and season) you can bank on gyms and trainers to be running deals. When I say “bank” I mean it. Have you heard of Class Pass? Get Class Pass so you can get 70% off awesome workouts like strength training to Zumba and everything in between. Use the promo code NEWYEAR to get started.

How to Use Speed of Implementation Successfully

In this post, I used salespeople and personal training because it’s what I know.

And that’s dangerous because I one point I thought I knew online education was not going to lead to success for people I didn’t know but showed interested.

Now, I’m asking prospective clients to trust my process as an Online Personal Trainer (certification coming soon) and I’m getting similar distrust.

So what, I’m a salesman.” I need to figure it out. That’s just real. (I also thinks the title for my next podcast episode – what do you think?)

It all boils down to this:

Successful people are able to do something different than they are used to when presented with a new idea. If there is the chance it would work better, they immediately start to use it.

Unsuccessful people sit around and debate idea. As the saying goes, “Nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

Speed of implementation is critical because the effort, or activation energy, to do something new. It’s hard! And it’s necessary.

The most common resolutions revolve around: education and money. Secondary to those are goals that relate to romantic relationships and weight loss.

I’m not an expert in relationships, but I can say that finding your ideal partner is something you have little to no control over.

Whereas weight loss, you are in total control.

Only when you become aware of old mindsets and the habits that come with them, you can untangle bad habits and start healthier ones.

Want to practice making decisions like a boss?

Remember, it’s about speed of implementation.  Only one of these three ideas will cost you money. And the other two will just take a little bit of your time.

Practice making decisions right now:

  • Got a good idea? Send me a message. I’ll check back with you next week to see what you did with it.
  • Free resources from me – click here.
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Your 2018 Personal Accountability Coach,
Ambrose WB


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