Weekly meal prep: Mastered [Infographic]

weekly meal prep

The key to healthy food is to have it ready when you need it.

Use these meal prep strategies to save time. You will learn how to prioritize your eating for better health.

Most people who come to me already have an idea of what a healthy, balanced plate should look like.


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The problem is: consistently eating healthy, balanced meals in the real world.

You know, like “I got up late, after skipping dinner, and I have meetings all day so I’ll grab a cup of coffee and whatever I can grab.”

(Sound like someone you know?)


I’ll teach you exactly how to prepare healthy meals with the following strategies so you’ll have good food when you need it.

The result? A fridge full of fast, healthy options to choose from, even as life continues to unfold.

You should print this out and print it in your kitchen. Click here to download.


how to master meal prep

You will get a desktop and tablet-ready versions. Post it up in your kitchen and you’ll be a meal prep pro in no time.

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