The Power of Sleep

power of sleep

When you find yourself crushing it in both the gym and the kitchen, and you still are not reaching the goals you have set for yourself, it’s probably a matter of your sleep. Well, the lack of sleep is the culprit.

It’s all about planning how to make quality rest an everyday priority.

Download this guide from your printer or tablet and keep it with you for future reference.

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5 Signs That You Have Bad Sleep Habits

#1 A Murky Mind

Memories and new learnings stick, overnight, when you are sleeping. When you interfere with your sleep, here’s what happens:

  • You forget stuff
  • Your judgment is impaired
  • You get confused
  • Your attention and focus decrease

#2 You Are Always Sick

Your T-cells are essential to keep you healthy, but when you miss sleeping the count lowers and inflammation increase. The result is:

  • Rate of heart disease and inflammation-related diseases increase
  • Risk of getting sick increases
  • You are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses

#3 Your Workouts Are Killing You

Your body renews neurotransmitter levels when you sleep and dumps metabolites which drain your energy. When you miss sleep, you experience:

  • Lack of desire to exercise
  • Depressed attitude
  • Endurance and stamina decreases
  • Slower reaction time
  • Central nervous system activity slows

#4 You Are Unhappy

New neurotransmitters and hormone production regulation affect your mood. When you miss sleep, you lose this opportunity and:

  • You risk the possible increase depression
  • Your spirit is low
  • Stress increases
  • Ability to regulate emotions is impaired

#5 Weight Management is a Struggle

Higher body fat is linked to reduced sleep habits because it can:

  • Lead to eating more calories
  • Increase feelings of hunger
  • Distort appetite regulation


A Few Ways to Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep

Wake Up At the Right Time

It’s not so much about what time of day you wake up as it is about the stage of sleep you are in. Waking up in a light sleep stage is best. When you find yourself waking up and feeling rested, think about getting wearable devices. These devices sense your sleep cycle and help you wake at the most optimal time.

Let Light Wake You Up

The sun will naturally raise your cortisol levels (This a good thing in the morning – believe me). It will help you feel both calm and focused.

Get Up and Move

You can either snooze, or you can move. Which one do you think will help you wake up? Just to be clear, hitting the snooze button will increase sleep inertia. So when the alarm goes up: sit up, stand up, and don’t stop moving.

Go to the Light (the Sun or a Light Therapy Box)

Your daily melatonin (a sleep hormone) rhythm is set by exposure to light. It will may you feel more awake during the day and will help you power down when it’s time to sleep.

Watch Your Caffeine (and Alcohol)

Limit your caffeine intake to before 2pm. And limit alcoholic beverages as you get 1-2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, both will affect your sleep.


Want More Tips for Better Sleep?

Download this guide from your printer or tablet and keep it with you for future reference.

Download Power of Sleep Infographic


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