How to Keep Your Health When You’re Hustling [Infographic]


When you are on the grind, 20 minutes is a lot of time.

You finally decide to make that change in your life. You go back to school, land the big job, get the even bigger promotion, and sometimes, decide to go out on a limb and start your own business.

You are hustling.

Before that, you were hitting the gym, on a regular basis.

And now you have business meetings, out of town trips to see family, and you are holding on to any social life you can.

The life of a busy professional gets crazy.

Does this sound familiar?

I am going to show you how to stay in shape (even when you are busy) with an infographic. Both reading this post and making progress is faster and easier than you think.


As a fitness and nutrition coach, I see this all of the time: someone wants to get (and stay) in shape. They keep it up for months. Then they hit an obstacle, in their schedule, like the holidays or a deadline at work.

It is called “falling off the wagon.”

And it is more than just a blow to your ego. This puts your body on a seesaw ride too. When you exercise regularly your body adapts. More than a few areas of your health and physiological functions are optimized in the process like:

  • Bones (are stronger)
  • Brain (faster)
  • Circulatory system (works better)
  • Metabolism (is humming)
  • Muscle (is building)
  • Respiratory system (is great)

It is called the “training effect.”

Opposite adaptations happen when you stop exercising – or do nothing. You lose all of your hard earned “gains” from the gym.

That is why I came up with this simple workout you can do anywhere. It will take you only a few minutes a few times a week, little to no equipment is needed, and it is effective because it focuses on compound movements (big muscle groups used by full-body movements).

It is also customizable: yes, you can adjust exercises, skip a couple, add some of your own, or change the reps and sets to fit your time and preferences you have.


The key is using full-body movements.

Try this plan when you cannot do your regular workout. This way, you will protect your muscle, keep your metabolism elevated, keep from gaining fat, and more.

Download the infographic, print it out, and use it, so you never get off track again. (Click the picture below).




Make sure you stay in shape. Download this infographic. Make sure you print a copy for yourself.

If you are a health or fitness profession, please share this infographic with your clients. It is a great support tool that helps busy professionals.


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