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Ambrose WB

Want to learn how to reduce stress, eat healthier, and move better?

Good. Because that’s exactly what I help people do here.

This site is a resource for people struggling with losing weight, running low on energy, and without the strength that they once had to serve others. This site is for the caretakers and protectors who are so busy taking care and providing for others; they forget to put themselves first. I believe the most selfless thing a person can do is to take care of their well-being before all things. What else do I believe?

  • I believe everyone can get in the best shape of their lives, at any age or ability. It’s not just for the genetically gifted, naturally motivated or lucky among us. Believe me. I’ll prove it.
  • I believe you have a Big Ass Scary Goal you’ve kept a secret locked away in the back of your mind for way too long. I’m here to help you bring it to life. And not stop there, but make it actually happen. Once you get in the habit of getting goals accomplished that big ass scary goal isn’t so big or scary.
  • I believe you are not your past, but you can use your history to create the future. Hustle means working smarter, not harder. Grinding doesn’t last, but you can always love the hustle. And at the end of the day, it’s all about happiness. Everyone deserves.

I also believe when you are fit for a purpose it’s an extension of who you are. You are not what you eat or the type of exercise you do, but when you have a healthy lifestyle, you are strong enough to be your best.

I write about two articles a week about traditional health and fitness stuff. I also offer my insights on less traditional, but vital self-improvement strategies like meditation, breathing exercises and visualization practices for success.

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Who is Ambrose WB


Glad you’re still reading homey. Currently based in Milwaukee, WI. My hometown. I became a Personal Trainer in 2006 to make sure I was coaching my football players with integrity. I started MISPIBO Fitness in 2008 (officially) and became a fitness entrepreneur running my personal training business in local 24-hour gym facilities, apartments and condos, and other healthy clinics. I didn’t really have a plan other than supporting myself and holding others accountable to achieving their goals.

For years, after college, I was frustrated at my lack of success in living my “American Dream” because I was unemployed or working odd jobs at grocery stores and shopping centers. But, I loved coaching. Exercise (and later – nutrition) became my obsession. After losing my college size, strength and speed for years of inactivity, poor eating, and unhealthy lifestyle choices, I was going to get fit for a purpose.

I was a coach, a mentor, and a leader. I had to set the example for others to follow.

My insatiable competitiveness kicked in, and I knew I wouldn’t rest until I was the “best” trainer. I stopped coaching football to coach health. My clientele quickly rose to over 300 clients in less than two years. I was able to leave the big-box corporate gym setting and venture out on my own. That Big Ass Scary Goal of becoming an entrepreneur was something I forgot I had. It was tucked so far back in my mind – I Iost it.

But a mentor, who was actually a client of mine, sparked it for me and gave me an opportunity. I took it and never looked back.

Whether it’s sharing lessons I’ve learned in business or health, I want to spark your purpose. Let’s get fit for a purpose. I hope I can encourage you to so you can empower others.

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